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Just basic simple sites. Built4Less


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Where did I drink my capuccino? London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York or Vienna? All wrong. Do you know let us know


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No yachts, no planes, no Porches. Just a bike and a cat (oeps)

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first year domainregistration

two webpages

no tricks or dynamics

set up email@domain

€ 195


first year domainregistration

two hours email consulting

five webpages

no tricks or dynamics

set up email@domain

€ 495


first year domainregistration


yes, any tricks you want

set up email@domain

Fair rates per hour but our specialist are very expensive (I consider firing them ...)


Bram Selleslach

Internet Marketing Coach. About setting up smart sites

Google Adwords

Brilliant commercial messages on-a- click. Make your own ad’s

Peter Hawinkels

Internet Start Up Coach. Sitebuilder with unic ‘Built4Less”-concept

Christina Aquillera

Man, that voice!

our sites so Far

feel your inner site

wine & dine at toplocation

experts in small business development. Fine, involved  consultants

stillness makes you aware

the best ‘value for money’-managers & consultants

Your Simpelsite here?



Raw materials, basic stuff

no brics for this house

No brics!

No, no brics for this house at all. Just plain chopped woodbloks put together with chalk. We saw it in Belgium, Ardennes near Bastogne.

Carpenter built.

Basicly cut together and reinforced with boults. For the rest, plain wood.

a Simpelsite®,%20I%20fancy%20a%20Simpelsite%20of%20my%20own!!
Simpel Site®
basic websites,,%20I%20want!

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